A Revolution In The Rental Market

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CLOTHING RENTAL is fast becoming the next big thing in sustainable fashion.

Check out companies like @mywardrobe_hq* who are pioneering the way in designer garment rental. Prices start from £4 a day. I particularly like the Stella McCartney cerise gown above. The RRP is over £2,000 but for £34 a day you can hire it. Pity it’s not available in my size. I can however see who the current owner is and follow her on Instagram. What a fascinating way to build community.

I suggested the hiring option to a friend who rang me in a blind panic about what to wear for an important speaking event she had in 7 days time. Turned out to be the perfect solution, especially since despatch was offered for the next working day.

Garment rental is ideal for business trips, weekends away, brand photo shoots & special celebrations including yes, the big day itself. It’s been commonplace for the groom to hire his outfit so hey, why not the bride as well.

Rental is certainly revolutionising the way we view and value clothes.

The bridal skirt featured above is available for £18 a day. (Did I tell you I have a special fondness for bridal separates.) The Rixo sequin blouse is a mere £7 a day. You can also hire bags, shoes and accessories.

Just imagine, no more bulky or bespoke occasion-wear taking up space, only to be worn once (or once in a blue moon). A versatile, rotational wardrobe certainly appeals to those who enjoy continual variety and like to look unique.

And if you own good quality pieces like this, you could become an MWHQ sharer and get your clothes earning passive income for you. I suppose when you take a step back it’s no different to owning a fleet of supercars and running experience days with them. Actually isn’t being a landlord and renting out your property(ies) to tenants the exact same principle. You own the asset and earn money from recurring income.

Brands are embracing this concept too. Recently LK Bennett announced LK Borrowed with the phrase RENT.WEAR.RETURN. It’s good to see.

As a sustainability advocate, I really do like the idea of clothing rental. It’s good for the planet and deserves its place in this evolving industry.  Whether you’re the owner or the wearer I for one am all for it.

*Other rental agencies include By Rotation, Rotaro, HURR & Endless Wardrobe