Hi, I’m Allison Angel - the founder of Years Of Style.

For a good part of my adult life I disliked my appearance (especially the curves) and struggled to find high street clothes that fit. This forced me to look harder and I’d scour department stores, boutiques, emporiums, designer outlets, vintage fairs and charity shops (waay before it was cool to do so) looking for that elusive feel good outfit. Because I couldn’t wear stuff off the peg, I developed a natural eye for style and my wardrobe became a vast, diverse array of interesting pieces.

At 40, on the verge of burnout from motherhood and responsibilities at work, a failed marriage and brutal divorce took its toll. My soul was crushed and I hit rock bottom.

It was the best thing that happened because I got to go on an incredible journey of self-awareness and rebuild my life in a fundamental way. A decade later, I’m stronger than ever and ready to use everything I’ve learnt along the way to help women who may have lost their confidence or faced similar struggles.

Cross Arms and Doorway

Recently I said goodbye to 20 years in estate agency and hello (again) to clothes. I also graduated from the London College of Style, having successfully completed a diploma in Personal Styling. You could say I’ve gone from kerb appeal to curve appeal!

At Years Of Style we’re about:

Radical self love

Loving what you wear

Lovingly letting go of things that no longer serve you

Falling in love with style longevity

We encourage people to enjoy clothes without the huge environmental cost. We promote body confidence and size inclusion.


Everything we do is ‘clothed in love’, hence why it became our company strapline.



Not sure where to start or if personal styling is for you?

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