Reflections, one year on

Blog May trio 2

I CAN’T QUITE BELIEVE IT but today we celebrate the 1st anniversary of Years Of Style.

Time really does fly when you’re having fun.

I’m a sucker for anniversary symbols and here’s what I found:

Traditionally paper is given as a gift for Year 1.

The threads within it symbolise the strength and connectivity of a blossoming relationship.

Hmmmm, very apt considering the women who have welcomed us into their lives to understand the power of personal style.

Some have earned in the pre-loved boutique. Some have had fun with the quiz, discovering their style personality. Some have done deep transformational work on a 121 basis. Some have been lifted by us appearing in their in-box every month. Some mixed and mingled at our style party. Some have tackled the clutter in their wardrobes. Some have embraced the joy of second hand clothes. Some have shopped more consciously. Some have laughed with me (& at me 😂) on the lives I’ve done. Some gave the gift of the style hamper. Some took just one small step towards self care.

It’s been an absolute blast.

I’ve also formed some special bonds with women in my personal stylist training cohort. I remain committed to the notion that there’s room for everyone in this space. Collaboration over competition is my signature style. It’s why I can easily champion those doing similar work in the styling, coaching and preloved business community.

Thank you to every kind hearted soul who has supported us in these first 12 months.

Relationships truly are at the heart of Years Of Style. 

Then there’s the modern gift equivalent – a clock.

It reminded me that oftentimes we’re actually right where we need to be. We’re not too late. We haven’t missed the boat. Especially pertinent to those being brave enough to take a leap of faith into something brand new!

Time and timing can be one of the biggest sources of frustration in life. On top of that our busy schedules and ever increasing to-do lists mean we’re constantly whirring. A few years ago I was introduced to a phenomenal book on this topic. ‘The ruthless elimination of hurry’ is a great read and makes a compelling emotional and spiritual case against hurry in favour of a slower, simpler, more intentional way of life.

The truth is you can be happy right here, right now. 

Present tense.

I find immense liberation in that as I savour this wonderful moment.

Cheers 🥂